Pictures and Testimonials 2008

Kenny Q Productions

Hartford: (860) 707-3739

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Kenny Q Productions has a proven track record with over a decade’s worth of experience in the wedding industry.

Below you will find testimonial pages which includes photos and links to services used at that particular wedding.

This page will update on a regular basis.

Please click on the photos to view.

Jimmy & Nicole
May 24, 200805_24_08_Nicole_%26_Jimmy.html
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Matt & Elyse
June 20, 200806_20_08_Elyse_%26_Matt.html
Marco & Olga
August 16, 200808_16_08_Olga_%26_Marco.html
Dave & Elissa
May 03, 200805_03_08_Elissa_%26_Dave.html
Jerry & Tanicka
September 26, 200809_26_08_Tanicka_%26_Jerry.html
Matt & Beth
October 25, 200810_25_08_Beth_%26_Matt.html
Scott & Jessica
November 29, 200811_29_08_Jess_%26_Scott.html